It begins with heart and a feeling. A generosity.
Something both Granny Baylis and Harding knew a thing or two about.

Everything filled to the brim. No half measures here. Let’s squeeze in the ginseng and the black pepper, the sweet mandarin and Jasmine & Apple blossom.

We were always taught to be liberal with our ingredients and scents. And we love the little bit of indulgence that keeps life special.

So accept our invitation from the heart of England to unwind, feel comfortable and indulge yourself and those you love.

Rooms feel more wonderful. Hosting becomes a pleasure. Gifts are opened with delight. And the sensory indulgences that surround us smell and feel... soooo good.

Beautifully packaged, beautifully made and beautifully fragranced. That’s what makes us smile.
You see we’re not just selling soaps and sprays.
We’re selling generosity, bottled.